About The Koukamma

The Koukamma Area is characterised by two distinct regions which can be classified as the coastal belt (Tsitsikamma) and inland section (The Langkloof). The coastal belt is a well known tourist mecca whilst the inland represents the agricultural sector as its primary hub with agri-tourism a lesser known but very popular option for those who want to enjoy nature and solitude. The popular Tourism Route 62 also runs partly through this beautiful area.

The Langkloof borders the well known Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area towards the north and to the east the well known holiday towns of Jeffreys Bay and St Francis.

Langkloof refers to a Valley 160 km long and 8 to 16 km wide, between the Kammanassie and Kouga mountains in the north and the Tsitsikamma and Suuranys Mountains in the south, stretching from Herold, north of George, to Heights station, 12 km east of Joubertina. The name, meaning ‘long ravine’, was given by Isaq Schrijver in 1689.

The Tsitsikamma, has large tracts of indigenous forest and fynbos, with deep river gorges that cleft the plateau as they make their way down to the sea, creating spectacular waterfalls and deep ravines.

Bloukrans PassBloukrans Pass
Storms River MouthStorms River Mouth
Knysna LoerieKnysna Loerie
Storms River SunsetStorms River Sunset
Storms River Mouth KayakingStorms River Mouth Kayaking
Boat trip up the Storms RiverBoat trip up the Storms River
Boat trip up the Storms RiverBoat trip up the Storms River
Boat trip up the Storms RiverBoat trip up the Storms River
Boat trip up the Storms RiverBoat trip up the Storms River

Its proximity and association with the Garden Route to other tourism centres of the Western Cape like Plettenberg Bay and Kynsna make this a popular holiday destination.

The Tsitsikamma Coastal belt is therefore rich in tourism resources such as accommodation, restaurants, attraction sites (heritage and cultural centres), adventure activities etc.

To the tourist the area offers indigenous flora and fauna such as birds, game, whales and dolphins and through its association with the Tsitsikamma National Park activities such as bungee jumping, canopy tours, hiking trails. It is also well known for its and various arts and crafts industries.

The main attractions are the Tsitsikamma National Park, heritage sites and nature reserves such as Huisklip, The Khoisan Village, historical caves, art and craft centres including a museum with a welcoming attitude of the local people. It has a close-knit relationship and history with Jeffrey's Bay and the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve strengthens it as a Tourism destination.

The Inland section consists primarily of the Langkloof with the popular Route 62 road network. It enters the Koukamma Area at Avontuur all the way to Humansdorp. From there  it connects to the N2 to Port Elizabeth. The Langkloof is the home of the fruit industry and seen as the second largest deciduous fruit producing area in South Africa after the WC.

In general the Koukamma Area is also known for its river rafting and abseiling offerings and also its visible fertility as most of the Langkloof Valley is lined with fruit orchards, with beautiful mountains and perennial streams as a backdrop. Formosa Nature Reserve is regarded as a pristine with primary wet fynbos which has honeybush with potential products like tea and drinks and also the mountain forest with abundant birdlife and the highest tip of Tsitsikamma mountain range.

The Koukamma is huge in forestry and timber industry as it contributes to the domestic economy through job creation and also in the global economy through export sales.

The Koukamma is also a windy area and therefore provides an opportunity for renewable energy exploration in the form of windfarms.

Along the coastal belt, a fishery catchment zone exists and adjacent to the stunning and classic golf-estate which is also in close proximity to the tourism attraction site in Eersteriver.

Towns in the Koukamma


Located 82 km west from Kareedouw it is located close to the Western Cape border and therefore the last town in the Koukamma Municipal area. The name is Afrikaans and means "begrudged".

Louter Water

Louter Water (Afrikaans for ‘clear water’) is an area in the Langkloof between Joubertina and Misgund. The area is home to primarily apple and pear farms. The Louter Water River was also referred to as Apies, Groote Aapjes, Klippendrift.

and Klipriviertjie


Joubertina is a small town located on the Wabooms River in the Langkloof between Krakeel River and Kareedouw. It was founded in 1907 and named after W A Joubert who was minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in Uniondale between 1878 and 1893

Krakeel River

Krakeel River is a town in Sarah Baartman District Municipality in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. 

Located in the Langkloof, east of Avontuur and some 200 km from Port Elizabeth. The name is taken from that of the river.


Coldstream is a village east of Plettenberg Bay on the Tsitsikamma coast. Famous for a burial stone excavated nearby in 1910, depicting a prehistoric artist holding brush-feather and palette, indicating that rock paintings were being executed in South Africa some 2,000 years ago. Said to be named after a cold stream flowing past


Kareedouw is a town in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It is the administrative centre for the Kou-Kamma Municipality in the Sarah Baartman District of the Eastern Cape. The town's name is derived from the Khoe phrase meaning "path by the karee trees". The town was established by white settlers around the year 1750.

Kareedouw is the gateway to the Langkloof Mountains; 120 km from Port Elizabeth. It nestles between the Tsitsikamma and Suuranys Mountains.

Popular tourist activities are 4x4 trips through the Suurveld, Kouga and Baviaanskloof Wilderness areas, canoe trips on the Kouga River, and an number of camping and hiking trails. 


A Moravian Mission village in the former Humansdorp district, 26 km south-east of Assegaaibos station and 60 km west of Humansdorp. It was established by Bishop H P Halbeck in 1839 and named after Thomas Clarkson who helped abolish the slave-trade

Storms River Village

Storms River…a little village set in the heart of the forests and in the foothills of the majestic Tsitsikamma mountain range. Stormsriver Village is a popular tourist area offering quality accommodation and numerous adventure activities.