The Belfry Kitchen
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Last Updated: June 2018

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  • Longitude: 23.893816
  • Latitude: -33.840332
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  • English
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  • Public hours:

    08h30 - 18h00 (Mondays - Fridays)

    09h00 - 18h00 (Sundays)

About The Belfry Kitchen

The Belfry Kitchen was developed to serve as campus cafeteria to The South African Institute for Heritage Science - a private institution of higher learning, maintaining its campus grounds in Twee Riviere, Langkloof. 

We encourage the public to recognize the primacy of the campus operations, which also inevitably prescribes the cafeteria's focus. While the amenable public (and the many fans of the campus!) ARE warmly welcomed, it should be noted that no attempt is made on the part of the Institute or its campus to encourage ever-wider patronage of the cafeteria...

The campus menu which serves faculty, students and academic support staff, as well as residents of Twee Riviere also routinely serves visitors who happen to "stumble upon" the cafeteria along their travels.

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