E Lapa at Assegaaibosch
  • Kareedouw

Last Updated: June 2018

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  • Longitude: 24.314097
  • Latitude: -33.945544
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About E Lapa at Assegaaibosch

E’lapa is an al fresco dining area specializing in gourmet braai (barbeque) and potjie (cooking pot placed on coals) evenings. Linked to the Sports Bar, E’lapa is meant for casual and relaxed gatherings, with the added benefit of watching sport events.

Meat dishes prepared on the fire are supplemended by a selection of salads, vegetables, potatoes and other delicious side dishes. If you haven’t tried a potjie in South Africa this is your chance! Slow-cooked food in black pots over coals produce the most unforgettable stew.

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