Climb Formosa Peak
  • Joubertina

Last Updated: June 2018

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  • Longitude: 23.703333
  • Latitude: -33.8641
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  • Climbing - Traditional

About Climb Formosa Peak

Peak Formosa, at 1675m above sea level, is the highest peak in the Tsitsikamma mountains situated in the Eastern Cape. It is approached from the Lankloof side near Joubertina.

It is quite a strenuous walk and, if you want to appreciate the incredible views, would take the best part of a day to complete so start early.

Access to the base of the mountain on the northern side is gained via farm roads on the northern side (permission needs to be obtained).

There is a large dam at the base and this is were you park your car. From here you start around the right side of the dam through the fynbos. Pay careful attention to the trail on this first section through the fynbos as the path is not very clear.

You then cross on of the small steams that feed the dam, from here on the path is well established and easy to follow. Across another stream and then the trail starts climbing from here towards a patch of pine trees and up to a ridge.

Once on the ridge you climb up to n small high point and further along the ridge. From here you can see what appears to be the very steep last slopes of the summit, but the summit is now hidden behind this big sub summit.

The ridge narrows as you near slope till it is almost just a ridge. To some this upcoming section might look unclimbable, but along the right line it is not so hard.

As you look at this slope you'll see there is a grassy gully leading upwards slightly to the left, the path leads up this gully and brings you to the top of this sub summit from were you'll be able to behold the beauty of this majestic peak.

Follow the path along the ridge spanning between these to peaks up to the final summit.

Next to the summit beacon there is a plastic tub with with a logbook to leave your name and to read fellow climbers' comments.

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